Ship it

July 22, 2019

To start your search for purchasing a shipping container you need to know exactly what you will be putting inside the container and how much space you need. This useful information will help you determine how much money it will cost and whether you need wind and watertight container. Another key thing to remember is when choosing the size you have to consider the method that will be used to transport the container to you. The size of the shipping container will play a key factor as to how much money you will be spending since 20’ containers can be moved by a forklift and can fit on the bed of a standard tow truck as opposed to a 40’ container that needs a crane.

If you are on a tight budget knowing all of these things before you contact a seller will help. Containers can range in size from under 8’ to over 53’ long and can be larger than 20 feet. Most people want a new shipping container since it probably was only used a few times for overseas shipping or wind resistant and watertight containers that will keep water and moisture out. Sometimes people don’t mind a used or as is container because they may be using the container at a junkyard or it could be a company that scraps metal. In these cases, they don’t particularly care if the container has been used or is rusty.

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